Thai Massage Service in Central South Birmingham. A luxurious studio with certificated Thai lady masseuses.

Smile Sabai Thai Massage Services

Expert Thai Massage seeks out and addresses many of the natural ailments we all feel build up when coping with modern life - both in body and mind. It achieves this by focusing on certain pressure points and muscle groups around the body and applying acupressure along the correct ‘sen’ or energy lines , so stretching and relaxing the tight or bunched muscles and at the same time encouraging your mind to move beyond the passing of minutes into the realm of meditative clarity, where mind and body become one - and an inner, relaxed balance is reached.

This is good for assisting the natural healing powers of the body, as well as settling an overworked mind and bringing calm - whether to help recover from daily stress, or to clear the path leading from a satisfying session of massage towards creative work.

Traditional Thai Massage is carefully formulated to alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments, in a holistic approach to regular healthcare. 
We are always happy to explain in a little more detail when we see you, how its techniques can be used to help you, too.

Located in Central South Birmingham and very easy to find.


Our services are of course professional and employ skilled ‘best practice’ for your health and benefit, and have no connection with any ‘intimate practices’ which you may have seen advertised elsewhere - so relax and let us take the strain out of your body - and out of your day.

0121 778 4638

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Smile Sabai Thai Massage
305 Highfield Road
Hall Green
Birmingham B28 0BX
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